Privacy Policy


  1. Confidentiality Clause and Its Application
    1. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter –”Privacy Policy”) applies to the services (hereinafter – the services provided or “Service”) offered on the websites (hereinafter – digital environment or “Website”) of the service provider Future Form and its authorised companies (hereinafter – “Service provider”, “we”).
    2. The Privacy Policy is binding on anyone who uses the Website, regardless of whether the person is a registered user of the Website or not (hereinafter – “User”, “you”).
    3. The Privacy Policy provides you with information regarding the use, collection and disclosure of personal data.
    4. The Service provider undertakes not to disclose your personal data, except for cases described in the Privacy Policy.
    5. Your personal data is used to ensure and improve the service.
    6. Your use of the Website means that you agree to your personal data are being collected and used under this Privacy Policy, unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy.
    7. Your continued use of the Website or any actions taken on the Website will mean that you have read the effective terms of the Privacy Policy and accept them.
    8. The Service provider reserves the right to unilaterally change and/or modify the Privacy Policy, at any time. The Privacy Policy enters into force upon the posting thereof on the Website.
    9. It is your responsibility to check and read the Privacy Policy of the Website, and to comply with it.
  2. Collection of Personal Data and Information
    1. During your use of the Website the Service provider may ask you to provide information that helps identify you, including but not limited to e-mail address, telephone, name, surname, age, gender (hereinafter – “Personal data”).
    2. The Service provider is entitled to collect, use and/or gather information submit collected during your use of the Website. This information may contain the following information, including but not limited to:
      1. You internet protocol address (“IP address”);
      2. The type and version of your browser;
      3. Pages that you have visited on the Website;
      4. Time and date of your visit to the Website;
      5. Duration of your visit to the Website.
    3. To collect and analyse the information referred to in Clause 2.2 and other information, the Service provider may use third person services, for example, Google Analytics.
    4. The Service provider is entitled to store, use and/or collect information on the use of cookies (“Cookies”). Cookies are small files containing a unique identifier. Cookies are sent to your browser from the site and stored on the hard drive of your computer. You may reject to accept cookies through your browser. By rejecting to accept cookies, you will not be able to use some of the Services offered on the Website. Please note that you are solely responsible for your choice not to accept cookies.
  3. Disclosure of Personal Data and Information
    1. The Service provider may only disclose your personal data with respect to the use of the Service in the following cases:
      1. such disclosure is required by the contracts signed between the Service provider and third persons for the supply of services in order to facilitate and improve the performance of the Website. However, the third persons are not entitled to disclose or use your personal data for purposes other than those defined in this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use of the Website;
      2. the disclosure obligation is defined in the legislation or the regulations of law enforcement bodies;
      3. the merger or acquisition of the Service provider or sale or purchase of the assets of the Service provider.
    2. Links to Other Websites
      1. The Website may also contain links to third person websites or third person services to facilitate and improve the functionality of the Website or supply other services related to the Service provider. Third persons may only access your personal data to take action on behalf of the Service provider and third persons have an obligation not to disclose or use the information for other purposes.
      2. When you use any third person websites, please read the terms of use and the privacy policy of such websites. The Service provider shall not be held liable whatsoever for any losses incurred by the User on third person websites.
    3. Communication
      1. The Service provider may use your personal data to notify you about the payments for the Service, news of the Website, advertising materials and other information. You can unsubscribe from these notifications by following the unsubscribe link included in the e-mail notification sent by the Service provider or you can notify the Service provider by e-mail: .
    4. Security
      1. User information, including Personal data may be transferred and stored on servers located outside the User’s country and therefore, data protection legislation may differ from the User’s jurisdiction. Please note that by agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you also agree that your Personal data are stored on the Service provider’s servers.
      2. Your Personal data and other information collected in relation to your use of the Website are stored and processed by the use of the services linked to the Service provider’s servers in the territory of the Netherlands. By accepting the Privacy Policy, you agree that your Personal data are stored on the Service provider’s servers located in the territory of the Netherlands.