How to lose weight” is a question that bothers both men and women of various ages. The internet offers plenty of information on different methods for losing weight. In this article, we will offer you suggestions based on our professional experience on how to lose 5-10kg in a month. We will now enlist the most important aspects you should consider for achieving your weight loss goal.

Lose weight from a certain body part

We often receive questions on how to lose weight from a certain body part, for example:

  • How to lose weight from your stomach? 
  • How to lose weight from your legs?
  • How to lose weight from your bum?

The truth is you should not focus on a certain body part because fat is not stored only in the stomach or only in the legs, it is rather store throughout your body. Our suggestions are based on general weight watching and improving your diet.

  1. Moderation

As it is with work – if you have a lot to do, you feel overworked, if you do not have much to do, you become bored and lazy, you lose focus, and each task seems as a burden – the same can be applied to eating, physical activities, and focusing on your weight.

The more you work towards your goal, the more likely you will achieve it. There are countless studies on the adverse effects quick and restrictive diets have on your body, yet people still search for 10-day weight loss plans. It is as easy as that: do not eat for 10 days and on the 11th day the scales will indeed show less than on the first day. But you will be hungry and will start to eat: on the 12th day the weight will quickly increase and after three days you will be heavier than at the beginning because your body will know that you can restrict nutrients, and thus will start storing them for ‘hard times’. This is the well-known yo-yo effect.

What to do?

If you want to achieve your dream body faster, set a goal you would want to achieve within a month and within six months, but start with a 21-day resolution because that is the time it takes to turn a new activity into a habit. Slowly change your diet, the amount of physical activities, and daily habits.


  1. Water, water, water!

The most painless and simple weight loss method we often overlook. Excess weight (not considering genetics, health issues, etc.) has only one cause: you eat more than you ‘burn’. By drinking a glass of water 20 mins before a meal, you will eat less during that meal because there will simply be less room in your stomach. By drinking enough water your body will perform its functions with ease and reduce appetite.

What to do?

Take on the challenge and for 21 days drink at least 6-8 glasses of clean water daily (without any flavours; excluding tea, coffee, etc.). Now we even have apps which remind us to drink water.


  1. Reduce carbs!

If you want slimmer hips and stomach, you should start with reducing the amount of carbs in your diet. Not all carbs are bad, quite the opposite: they give you a lot of energy, but by consuming them late at night or in excess, it is easier to put on extra weight. That is because extra weight is caused by receiving more energy than is used. Simple carbs are all products containing sugar (sweets, buns, biscuits, soft drinks, sweetened yogurts, etc.); these are not compatible with a slim waist. There are also complex carbs, which in moderation are very welcome: brown rice, buckwheat, oat flakes, whole-grain foods, etc.

What to do?

A drastic change of diet usually leads back to old habits fast. Choose a person who will start a challenge with you; begin with a week during which you completely cut out all soft drinks (Coca-Cola, flavoured water, ice tea) if you drink them, or instead of white bread start eating rye bread. During the following week, start cutting out biscuits and buns. As for complex carbs, try eating less of them, but in evenings try not eating them at all. Start gradually and you will see that these small results will build your appetite for greater achievements.


  1. More fibre and protein

Fibre ensures a properly working intestinal tract and provides your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals, whereas protein builds the body itself. Both are vitally important and now are consumed in insufficient amounts.

What to do?

Since it is autumn, what can beat seasonal vegetables and berries? They are the best source of vitamins and minerals. Why should you purchase neat apples in the store if you can visit your local market or a garden and eat an organic (perhaps a less appealing) apple?

Decide for a week to cook the last meal of the day from fibre and protein-rich products: leafy greens with scrambled egg or a steamed summer squash boat with ground beef and grated carrots will fit just right in with your weight loss.


  1. The good fats

When planning a diet, a lot of attention must be paid to the fats you consume: both their structure and quantity. You have certainly heard about vitamins that dissolve in water or fat (vitamins A, D, E, K). That says it all: for the specific vitamin to be absorbed, the body needs to have either water or fat. For example, if you eat parsley but you have completely cut out fats from your diet, then vitamin E will not be absorbed and after some time you can experience vitamin deficiency, even having consumed enough parsley. You must consume fats, but you must also follow how useful they are for your body. Is 25% fat sour cream that much delicious than 12% fat sour cream? In 80% of cases people purchase the same products, leaving only 20% for experimentation. Look for a lower fat percentage and good fats in dairy products! The good fats are found in: dark chocolate (cocoa percentage at least 70%), avocado, olive oil, seeds and nuts.

What to do?

Look for alternatives! Pay attention to the percentage of fat indicated on dairy products; 2.5% fat milk will also be delicious, sour cream with 12% fat will taste wonderful in a salad. If your resolution to achieve a slim waist is serious, replace sour cream with Greek yogurt, use 0.5% fat milk, and consume the amount of necessary fats with good fats.


  1. Physical activities

Regular and suitable physical activities produce a variety of benefits: the metabolic intensity increases, the chance of weight gain decreases, the performance of the heart and circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, and other organ systems improves, the arterial blood pressure normalises. We could continue, but what activities to choose in combatting that extra weight?

Cardio (walking, Nordic walking, cycling, step dancing, dancing, gardening, etc., activities which increase your heart rate, create a warm feeling, and a slight shortness of breath): this is great for burning body fat, BUT your muscles will not be exercised enough to contribute towards a slim body.

Strength training (this does mean only lifting dumbbells, but rather any exercise with your body weight, e.g., when standing upright, tighten your abdominal muscles, hold your balance, and lift your leg sideways 10x): this training will not only help you with losing weight, but also with achieving a beautiful body. Maintaining muscles takes a lot more energy for the body than maintaining fat. This means that the more muscles the body has, the body will burn calories faster and in larger quantities, even during parts of day when you are physically inactive because the muscles need to ‘eat’. Muscles will become visually tighter and more attractive, and they will work towards your goal even when you are not exercising.

What to do?

Start with a hike! You can do that in any season and with any funds. New impressions, positive emotions, and fresh air: the best motivation for integrating physical activities into your daily schedule.

What if you cannot bring yourself to do it? The good news is that you can lose 20kg by just fixing your diet, but why focus on one thing if, by combining different methods, you can lose weight from your legs and stomach 2-3x faster? If physical activities are not for you, start by fixing your diet. As soon as you see the first results, your desire to achieve your goal will urge you to be physically active!


  1. Sleep!

A good mood and proper rest is an underrated method in weight loss and being satisfied with your reflection in the mirror. Humans regenerate, gain energy and strength in their sleep to successfully carry out their activities and be radiant the next day. Countless studies link sleep deprivation with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

What to do?

An adult requires 6-8h of sleep every day. Avoid fatty foods and caffeinated drinks 3-4h before sleep. Better climb in bed and before falling asleep think about what you have done that day and thank everyone for the wonderful day (even if it was not the best day of the week). This way you will encourage positive thinking and tomorrow you will wake up with a smile on your face!

Main conclusion: weight loss means working with yourself. You will not lose 10kg in a week, but you will have more energy, your body will be firmer, your smile wider, and, by working with your willpower, the costs will not increase. Quite the opposite: they will decrease when you cut out treats and soft drinks, when you walk on foot or cycle, and when you turn off the lights at 22:00 to go to sleep! Let us live in moderation and challenge ourselves for 21 days to follow these suggestions. May you succeed!