Teatox teas have carefully selected ingredients grown in ecological farms. They are picked with love and dried preserving the unique tea leaf flavours and aromas. Teatox tea blends have been mixed by experienced dietitians and nutrition specialists. At Teatox we cherish and protect our unique recipes and maintain the premium quality of our loose leaf teas.

Each tea blend highlights the unique characteristics of every ingredient, and – when carefully combined – these ingredients offer you the best of Teatox teas. Teatox teas cleanse your body, help you slim down, tone your skin, improve metabolism, reduce appetite, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

We have considerable experience in creating Premium tea blends: our team consists of seasoned specialists who constantly create new and unique Premium tea blends. These teas are meant for those looking for a slimmer body, for those who want to look great every day, and are also great help for people willing to lose weight. Our slimming teas will not leave you indifferent: you will be surprised how quick and healthy it is to lose weight, not harming your health.

Why choose loose leaf teas? Because Premium quality tea leaves have the highest quality since they are not mechanically chopped or ground up. At Teatox everything is done by hand: our teas are made with love from the collection of tea leaves to packaging and sending out orders. It is our tradition to preserve Premium tea quality, all the while maintaining the unique combination of flavours in each package. Satisfied clients are our foundation for growth and our joy. We do what makes us happy. From heart to heart!